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                        1-5 of 228,079 results

                        1-5 of 228,079 results

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                        Compass is a real estate technology company that provides an online platform for buying, renting, and selling real estate assets.
                        Epic Games is an American video game and software company that creates games and offers its game engine technology to other developers.
                        Republic is an investment platform providing access to startups, real estate, crypto, and video game investments.
                        Thrasio is a digital consumer goods company that acquires private label Amazon FBA businesses and direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands.
                        Apollo Global Management is an asset management firm that specializes in credit-oriented capital and real estate markets.
                        Snyk is a cloud native application security provider that enables millions of developers to build software securely.
                        Calendly is an automated scheduling tool that takes the work out of connecting with others so that its users can accomplish more.
                        ClassPass is a membership program for fitness classes across multiple gyms and studios, making working out more accessible.
                        Magic Leap is a proprietary wearable technology that enables users to interact with digital devices in a completely visually cinematic way.
                        Warby Parker is a lifestyle brand that offers designer eyewear while being a socially conscious business.
                        Bakkt is a financial services company that focuses on digital currency that specializes in concurrency, rewards, and loyalty points.
                        Chainalysis provides blockchain data and analysis to governments, banks, and businesses worldwide.
                        BlockFi is a secured non-bank lender that offers cryptoasset-backed USD loans to cryptoasset owners.
                        BlackRock is an investment company that offers its services to institutions, intermediaries, foundations, and individual investors.
                        Algorand is a scalable, secure and decentralized digital currency and transactions platform.

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