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                        1-5 of 54,468 results

                        1-5 of 54,468 results

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                        Apollo Global Management is an asset management firm that specializes in credit-oriented capital and real estate markets.
                        Info Edge provides online recruitment, matrimonial and real estate classifieds, and related services.
                        Compass is a real estate technology company that provides an online platform for buying, renting, and selling real estate assets.
                        WeWork is a platform for creators that transforms buildings into dynamic environments for creativity, focus, and collaboration.
                        NoBroker is a real-estate platform that makes it possible to buy, sell, or rent a house without paying any brokerage.
                        Updater is a technology company platform that develops tools to help consumers relocate more easily.
                        Cadre is an online marketplace that connects investors and operators of real estate.
                        Doorvest is a modern, frictionless way to own income generating homes entirely online.
                        Pacaso is a proptech company that modernizes the generations-old practice of co-owning a second home.
                        VergeSense is a Software-as-a-Service company that develops Artificial Intelligence-powered workplace sensors.
                        Reonomy is an AI-powered data platform for the commercial real estate industry.
                        Loft is a marketplace for residential real estate that helps manage the home buying and selling process.
                        Evergrande Group is China's second-largest property developer by sales.
                        VTS is a real estate CRM software company bringing together landlords, brokers, and tenants to make deals happen.
                        Place is a real estate technology platform providing technology and services to real estate agents.

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