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                        Information Technology

                        1-5 of 206,783 results

                        1-5 of 206,783 results

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                        Freshworks provides businesses with SaaS customer engagement solutions.
                        Silver Lake is a global technology investment firm focused solely on making large-scale investments in technology companies.
                        Pipefy is a no-code process orchestration platform to easily automate workflows and manage business processes.
                        Entrepreneur First brings together extraordinary people from academia and industry to found the next generation of global tech companies.
                        Francisco Partners is a global investment firm that specializes in partnering with technology and technology-enabled businesses.
                        CarDekho is a car search platform working to digitize the auto ecosystem.
                        Algorand is a scalable, secure and decentralized digital currency and transactions platform.
                        Intel designs, manufactures, and sells integrated digital technology platforms worldwide.
                        Alibaba Group enables businesses to transform the way they market, sell, operate, and improve their efficiencies.
                        IONQ develops general-purpose quantum information processors to solve the world’s complex problems.
                        Securitize enables digital securities, which are easier to own, simpler to manage, and faster to trade.
                        Yandex is a multinational technology company that provides internet-related services and operates a search engine platform in Russia.
               is a digital marketplace that simplifies, finances, and manages your short-term rental investments
                        JumpCloud is an open directory platform for secure, frictionless access from any device to any resource, anywhere.
                        Orca Security provides instant-on, workload-level security for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

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