Number of Speakers 90
Number of Sponsors 32
The Total Telecom Congress remains the number 1 conference to understand the evolution of telco business models, explore new revenue streams and cutting edge technologies, and meet the thought-leaders who are reshaping your industry.



Number of Sponsors 32
  • BenePay.io Payment & Digital Identity SaaS for making payments by businesses and public sector entities. We enable payees to control their data
  • Binare Binare helps companies to improve their cybersecurity posture with an automated IoT vulnerability management and firmware analysis platform.
  • Blue Prism Blue Prism is an intelligent robotic process automation company that develops a digital workforce for enterprises.
  • CALVI CALVI is the leading authority in the field of telecom bill presentment (EBP), expense management (TEM) and billing (VIP billing).
  • Cambridge Consultants Cambridge Consultants provides product development consultancy services to well-established companies.
  • Capita Capita plc provides customer and business process management, and professional support service solutions primarily in the United Kingdom.

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