Number of Speakers 11
Number of Exhibitors 6

The Deep Learning Summit is the next revolution in artificial intelligence. The increasingly popular branch of machine learning explores advances in methods such as image analysis, speech and pattern recognition, natural language processing, and neural network research. This summit will explore the latest research advancements and news from global

pioneers in the field.



Number of Sponsors 12
  • Cognilytica Cognilytica is an artificial intelligence and machine learning focused analyst firm.
  • Digital Agency Network Digital Agency Network (DAN) is an all-in-one platform to discover the best digital marketing agencies in the world.
  • Enterprise Management 360 Enterprise Management 360 is a digital magazine focusing on IT enterprise management.
  • Graphcore Graphcore is the inventor of the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU), a microprocessor designed for AI and machine learning applications.
  • Honda Xcelerator Honda Xcelerator is a program designed for tech innovators across all funding stages who seek to transform the mobility experience.
  • IBM IBM is an IT technology and consulting firm providing computer hardware, software, infrastructure, and hosting services.


Number of Exhibitors 6
Deep Learning Summit, Toronto 2020 has 6 exhibitors including AlegionAlgorithmia, and Neurosoph.
  • Alegion Alegion’s platform blends human and machine intelligence to provide accurate labeled data used to train or validate machine learning models.
  • Algorithmia Algorithmia is a machine learning model deployment and management solution that automates the MLOps for an organization.
  • Neurosoph NeuroSoph is an AI platform that builds intelligent bots that can be used as conversational assistants or for automated form processing.
  • NextAI NextAI is a global innovation hub for artificial intelligence related venture creation and technology commercialization.
  • Twenty Billion Neurons Twenty Billion Neurons is a common sense A.I. company that builds intelligent avatars that can see and interact with you in a humanlike way.
  • ZeroOne AI ZEROONE AI is making AI-driven information processing system.

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